Carburetors tend to be extremely visible, and are always working hard to ensure maximum engine output.

Mechanical enthusiasts understand that it is important they look and perform as well as possible. Vapour Blasting offers a cost effective, and quick solution to gently clean and renew carburetors, to an ‘as new’ standard.

Carburetors must be entirely dismantled prior to vapour blasting, to prevent the slurry mixture from entering the internal structures, which may obstruct any natural action and cause damage. Vapour blasting the individual components of carburetors, internally and externally not only renews the appearance, but also strengthens the surface, preventing degradation from corrosion and wear and tear over time.

Carburetors will be returned entirely dismantled, with all components individually cleaned and treated, to look as new, ready for reassembly.

At Sydney Vapour Blasting, you can be confident that your components are being refurbished by qualified automotive restoration specialists.